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Therapist, Group Facilitator
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I am currently fully booked with existing clients, so have no availability to accept referrals for therapy or professional supervision. My waiting list is also full.

My colleagues and I, at our Kāpiti EMDR & Therapy Centrehave developed a three session Group-Work programme (based on Elan Shapiro's G-Tep). If you are interested in attending we are accepting referrals for 2023. Please see our website for enquiries and details: 


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       Emma Sanderson

Being a Therapist has not only enriched my life, it has lead to me developing a strong belief that with good support and self-care people can get through even the toughest life challenges.


When we have courage to face our past (and recent) trauma, we are way more likely to be compassionate and kind to ourselves and improve our relationships with others.

Change can be hard and also incredibly rewarding.


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