Online Counselling

SKYPE Video Counselling & Telephone Counselling 
I offer skype and telephone counselling and welcome appointments.

Online therapy and counselling can allow you to focus on areas of your life you'd like support with from the comfort and privacy of your own environment. These sessions can be provided at an agreed time that fits your lifestyle, time committments and geographical constraints.


Online appointments are conducted in exactly the same way as a face-to-face consultation and will be scheduled as frequently as required. You can choose to have a 60 minute Skype video or 60 minute telephone allocated appointment, whichever suits you best.


All you need is a computer, a reliable internet service, and a private uninterrupted space in which to hold your counselling session.

Fees for sessions are charged at the same rate as face to face appointments.


Please be aware: I do not provide crisis services.

I am not qualified to provide Skype therapy in situations where a person’s life may be in danger through self-harming behaviour, harm to others or where there are concerns about the wellbeing of a child under the age of 16.

In addition severe and enduring psychiatric presentations that require secondary services/ a multidisciplinary team approach such as psychosis, or where the person’s life may be in danger - are not suited to online counselling.

If you are worried about the saftey of yourself or others please call: 111 in NZ    000 in Au.


There is a list of recommended resources on the last page of this website.




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